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SoVerse gives you the advantage of creating more than just a static website, now you can add videos, pictures, and much more Let your target audience get to know your business and why they should choose you.

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Benefit from a Feature Rich Website

Benefit from SoVerse’s all inclusive packages which give you features such as:

  • 24/7 Ability to edit and maintain your site
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Secure E-Commerce
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Integration
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Want to try SoVerse’s Services before you make a commitment? Not a problem. SoVerse provides new customers with a 14 day free trial of our services.

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Our Story

SoVerse provides its customers with a robust Internet presence with just as many (and in some cases more) features than their larger competitors. We do all of this at very low startup and maintenance costs.  SoVerse was created to serve the millions of small and medium sized businesses that need robust Web applications, but aren’t able to create them alone.  SoVerse’s founders have developed hundreds of complex Web applications with affordable, cutting-edge features that most small and medium sized companies and their customers demand.SoVerse helps level the technology playing field by providing such small and medium businesses the rich feature, low cost internet websites they need.  SoVerse target clients are the more than 30 Million small and medium sized businesses that need its products.

We accomplish this by furnishing our customers with the high quality, robust, powerful, SaaS (Software as a Service), Cloud Based, Mobile Optimized tools that they really need at affordable prices, delivered in very short time frames.

Who We Help

Non - Profit Organizations

Here at SoVerse we take pride in helping non-profit organizations with their online needs. Non-profits organizations have an important role in helping others when they need it the most. Therefore, at SoVerse we want to make sure they have the online resources needed to achieve their goals, so they can focus and succeed with their mission. We beleive that those who can provide assistance have the moral obligation to do so.

Small Business and Start-Ups

Small businesses and start-ups do not always have the funds or resources to compete with the technology large corporations are able to afford on their websites. Yet, websites are a great way to further your business and reach new markets. SoVerse strives to give start-ups and small businesses the same online presence and resources, but at a price they can afford. We provide features such as mobile ready, e-commerce, newsletter marketing, social media website integration and search engine optimization at an affordable and obtainable price to organizations on a budget.

Military Veterans

SoVerse provides assistance to organizations that serve veterans by providing them with buisiness and technology expertise and resources. We also serve veterns directly by providing technology vechicles to lauch their own internet based business as well as resources to allow them to present their skillsets to perspective employers. We belive that it is only right that we assist the many Veterans who serve our country giving us the freedom to pursue our dreams of creating SoVerse. Now it is our turn to serve them by providing best online presence we can and helping fulfill their dreams.


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